User Manual

DollsCastle User’s Guide

Product Details


The castle sex dolls have been crafted using skin-like TPE and a metal skeleton for a natural touch and feel. This product has met the relevant safety standards set by the state and safe for human beings.It is non-toxic to the environment.

The combination of a metal skeleton and multiple flexible joints make it easy for the doll to pose in various gestures. It is very suitable for Oral sex, Anal sex, and sexual intercourse.


Dolls can be used as models to show underwear and swimwear, photographic models, medical training,and adult sexual companionship.


Unwrapping The Doll

After receiving the doll, follow the steps below carefully to unpack 

Step 1: Wash Your Hands

Please wash your hands first before opening the box. Make sure you don’t stain your new doll when taking it out of the box.

Step 2:Take out The Head

The head and the body are separate. The head is packed in a white cloth bag and placed in between the legs of the doll. Lift the head from the white cloth bag and put it on something soft.

 Step 3: UnpackThe Accessories

Remove all the accessories such as clothes, user manuals, gloves, and cleaning tools from the box.

Step 4: Lift The Doll

Lift the doll carefully from the box. The box is relatively high. Cut the edge of the box if you cannot conveniently lift the doll. Lift the doll and put it on a soft object. Please use a Princess hug to hold the doll to prevent damaging the skin.

Step 5: Dress The Doll

Use the clothes presented in the accessories or buy clothes yourself. Avoid putting on dark clothes for the doll to prevent the color from staying the doll.

Step 6:Attach the head to the doll

Take the screws from accessories and install them on the neck.

Then carefully attach the head.

Step 7: Changing The Doll’s Position

When you want to change your doll’s position, please change it when it is in a lying or sitting position.


Introduction to Additional Functions

  1. Non Standing Doll (no screw)

The skin of the feet is wrapped wholly by TPE material. The sole has no screw support. It is forbidden to stand the doll for two reasons:

  1. The weight of the doll’s body can crush the skin of the sole.
  2. The doll’s body does not keep balance. It falls easily.
  1. Standing Doll (with screw)
  2. By manually adjusting the joints of the feet, the weight of the doll can be evenly distributed between the soles of the feet to maintain the balance of the body when standing.
  3. Principle and Precautions of feet-sole standing: The feet-sole supporting point is designed by the principle of stability of the triangle that can make the doll to stand independently. The TPE material is very soft. To make the sole bear the weight of the whole body better, the three screws of the sole need to be exposed, which is a normal phenomenon. It is easier to stand with the legs open at a certain angle. If you want to put the shoes on the doll, please add a hard inner sole to increase stability.
  • Heating function

The heating function is an additional function based on ordinary dolls.

  1. Insert the official standard AC power cord into the heating power interface 20 centimeters below the left armpit of the doll and connect it to a 220V household power supply. The controller will emit a bee sound. The screen on the controller will display the factory’s default setting of 48 degrees Celsius. After 4 seconds, it will switch to the real-time temperature of the doll and start heating. The heating temperature can be set manually by pressing + or -.
  2. Heat is transferred inside to outside. You can feel the heat on the surface of the doll after heating for about 30 minutes. It takes approximately 50 minutes to heat the doll close to the human body temperature. Note: This product will not be affected or damaged within 60 C.To heat quickly wrap it with a blanket. When heated it can remain warm for 3 – 4 hours. When heating, please lie the doll down flat and spread the hands and feet apart.
  3. The doll begins to heat when it shows the red light. The controller displays the real-time temperature of the doll. The temperature displayed will rise slowly to reach the temperature set. It will stop heating after showing a green light. If the temperature drops by 5 degrees, the red light turns on and the doll will be heated again.
  4. When heating, the controller displays real-time temperature. If the display displays “Err”, it indicates that the controller is not connected to the body of the doll, Or the controller cannot detect the temperature probe. In case of such a problem, please contact our customer service staff.






1)Surface temperature after heating

36 degrees Celsius

2)Maximum heating time

2 Hours

3)Maximum use time after heating

5-6 Hours

4)Input voltage

220V / 110V Alternating current

5)Heating element

220v / 200W  —-  110v / 110W

  1. Dialogue function

This product uses built-in lifelike voice files and 18 sentences of dialogue content.  It uses a built-in 300 MA battery with a charging voltage of 5V. A full charged battery lasts for about 4 hours. Please charge it at least once every three months.

  1. Intelligent dialogue Function: Voice & Keys double as ways to control auto sleep function. Low battery reminder & intelligent charging.
  1. To turn On/Off, Long press turn on button, quickly double-press to change the language. Press once to change the dialogue mode.
  1. Dialogue conversation
  • Where are you come from?
  • What is your name?
  • How old are you?
  • What do your parents do?
  • What do you love most?
  • Am I handsome?
  • I am in a bad mood today!
  • You are so beautiful!
  • Do you love me?
  • I miss you so much!
  • Shall we go for a fuck?
  • May I hug you?
  • See you again
  • Do I have a big cock?
  • Shall we go for a fuck?
  • Higher voice
  • Lower voice
  • See you again

Note: Only use this dialogue function when the speaker turns off. Alternatively, use the earphone.

  1. Auto sleep function: The doll will automatically turn off after 2 minutes of no touching or saying anything.
  2. Low battery reminder & intelligent charging: The indicator flashes when the battery is low and when charging. It stays on when fully charged.
  3. Volume control: Control the volume by saying “Higher voice or Lower voice”.
  4. Sensor: It is installed inside the head and triggers when it detects moving objects.




Smart Head

1)Maximum charging current


2)Maximum charging time

2.5 Hours

3)Charging temperature

-5℃ – 35℃(Recommend 25±5℃)

4)Charging input voltage and current

5V / 310mA

5)Battery life when Fully charged

About 4 Hours

6)Charging status indication

The indicator flashes when the battery is low,

The indicator flashes when charging,

The indicator light is always on after full charge.

7)Dissipation Current

Turn on: about 50mah; sleep: 50 μ a

8)lithium battery

3.7V 300mAh

9)Charging interface


10)Executive standard of lithium battery

GB/31241-2014《Safety requirements for lithium ion batteries and batteries for portable electronic products》



Cleaning, Maintenance and Storage

  1. It is easier to get indentation on the surface of the doll when it is pressed for a long time. If there is indentation on the doll, the hot towel can be used to compress the indentation position for a while to recover.
  2. Use a general detergent or makeup remover to clean the dust or dirt on the surface of the doll and avoid nail scratches on the skin. After cleaning, put some talcum powder on the surface of the doll. Regular cleaning and maintenance recommended.
  3. If there is a small damage on the surface of the doll, it can be bonded withthe attached glue. First, clean the damaged area and try to recover the wound. Apply a layer of glue to the wound evenly and wait for about half an hour. If the wound is big enough, you must squeeze the wound together after applying glue, otherwise, the wound will grow bigger. If there are other technical problems, please contact the seller or the manufacturer directly. The manufacturer will assist according to the specific situation.
  4. If the doll is dyed please use TPE special depigmentation cream developed by DollsCastle for depigmentation. According to the size of the dyed portion, use a cotton swab to take a proper amount of color. Remove the paste and smear it evenly on the dyed part. Color fading will be completed automatically after a while after application. If the dye is stubborn, repeat the application every 4 hours. Generally, color fading will be completed within 24 hours of dyeing, and 3-4 days for serious dyeing. This depigmentation cream has a little mint fragrance, safe and non-toxic. Please feel free to use it.
  5. To avoid damaging the surface of the doll caused by pulling the rubber for a long time, do not place it with difficulty for a long time. After use, place the doll flatly and store according to the factory posture.


  1. Do not use sharp objects to scratch the doll. To avoid damaging the skin of the doll do not knead hard affecting the life span and the beauty of the doll.
  2. Try to avoid putting on dark and easy to dye clothes to the doll, to avoid the color on the clothes sticking to the doll.
  3. It is not advisable to place the doll in direct sunlight for a long time, to avoid aging of the rubber and affecting the use time.
  4. When using the doll, do not place it directly on the ground or table. Please put it in a blanket or something soft such as a bed or sofa.
  5. It is not recommended to drag the doll as it damages the skin of the doll’s surface. The doll must be moved by lifting.